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Alaa Saad Moustafa Law Office established in 1967, specializes in corporate, labor and employment law, commercial and residential real estate transactions and immigration.



Founded by Mr. Saad Moustafa Ibrahim the office focuses on corporate and labor law and respective procedures. 


In 1994 Mr. Alaa Saad Moustafa expanded office activity to handle international corporate transactions, related commercial and trade disputes and resolutions; embassies and consulates, real estate contracts for commercial and residential properties and immigration and foreigners/residents requirements.


The Law firm represents, supports and directs clients towards extrajudicial dispute resolution. Office associates are qualified with extensive knowledge of legislation and corporate practices and have the expertise to safeguard client interests and maximizing their value and benefits.  




Our global clients include local, regional, national and international corporations as well as diplomatic entities and foreign offices.


Our firm provides attention to client details and uncompromised service. We are known for our integrity, efficiency, professionalism and overall quality of work. With over 45 years of legal experience, we have the expertise to provide in-depth insight into government practices and procedures and the ability to interact with them.



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