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Egypt Law : Juristic Persons

Juristic persons are:

1. The state, the provinces (mudirias), towns and villages in accordance with the provisions fixed by law; administrations, departments and other public institutions to which the law has granted the status of juristic persons.

2. Religious groups and communities which the state has recognized as juristic persons.

3. Wakfs.

4. Commercial and civil corporations.

5. Associations and foundations created in accordance with the subsequent provisions hereof.

6. Any group of persons or properties recognized as juristic persons by virtue of a provision of the law. Article 53 A juristic person enjoys, within the limits established by law, all rights, with the exception of those rights, which are inherent in the nature of an individual.

A juristic person has:

a) its own patrimonium;

b) legal capacity, within the limits fixed by its constitution or established by law;

c) the right to sue;

d) its own domicile.

This domicile is the place where its seat of management is situated. A corporation whose seat of management is situated abroad but operates in Egypt, is deemed, in accordance with internal law, to have its seat of management at the place where its local seat of management is situated.

A juristic person has a representative to express its will.

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