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Egypt Law : Investment Technology Zones

By a decree issued by the Prime Minister based on a proposal by the Minister of Communication and IT and the approval of the Authority's Board of Directors, Technology Zones may be established in light of the application submitted by the Concerned Minister.

The decision shall include a statement of the location and coordinates of the zone, the nature of activities to be practiced therein, the time schedule of establishment and operation, and any further conditions to be added at the discretion of the Authority's Board in relation to the conduct of the licensed activities inside the zone, including the industrial activities, design and development of electronics, data centres, outsourcing activities, software development, technological education, and other associated or complementing activities.

Further activities may be added by a decree issued by the Prime Minister, upon a joint proposal by the Competent Minister and the Minister of Communications and IT.

Every Investment Zone shall have a developer who shall perform the works of establishment, management, development and promotion in accordance with the time schedules determined in the decision of incorporation, otherwise the decision shall be deemed null and void. It may, under a decree issued by the Prime Minister, or whoever he may authorise, and based on the approval of the Authority's Board of Directors, extend the time schedule for establishing and operation of the Zone in light of the excuses submitted by the Developer.

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